Growing Our Church Family
  ~ Faith, Family, Fellowship

Meet Our Pastor

Mount Olive Tampa
Pastor White

Reverend Michael V. White is an energetic pastor with a dedication to serving the Lord. A devoted husband and father of two, Pastor White believes that while the youth are the future of the church, our elders should be honored and respected for building the foundation of our church. He supports the promotion and the longevity of a healthy, spiritual atmosphere in the community and at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church.


Prior to becoming the Pastor at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in January of 2012, Rev. White had achieved decades of accomplishments in business development and motivational speaking. His zest for life has been instrumental in educating diverse groups on the value of Faith and living life to the fullest.


In essence, Pastor White inspires people to conquer the fears that might be holding them back. His family’s early struggles taught him the core values associated with vision, hard work, and love for the Lord. Starting with his days of picking oranges in the groves of Florida and leading to multi-business ownership, his values encouraged his growth as a person and as a professional.


Serving as a pastor and a counselor, he naturally combines the wisdom of his life’s experience and his deep compassion for teaching others how to embrace success and overcome challenges. He has spearheaded numerous inspirational programs, motivational seminars, and ministries. Pastor White is a compassionate leader, devoted teacher, powerful preacher, and visionary who is dedicated to serving in Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church’s mission for “Growing Our Church Family -- Faith, Family, Fellowship.”